My Job

I’m a software craftsman - working at codurance. I’m currently working towards becoming an expert in some field. Whether that field is software craftsmanship, machine learning or consultancy I’m sure will reveal itself in time.

My Passions

  • software
  • tech
  • gaming
  • artificial intelligence
  • music
  • fantasy novels

Spaces I’m watching

  • augmented reality
  • self-driving cars
  • capitalism in the age of automation
  • Patrick Rothfuss

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Some Interesting Things I’ve Done

  • won an award at tech crunch: disrupt in 2015 -
  • won multiple awards at Hack The Visual in 2015 with Hear The Picture
  • written codesmells - a command line cheat sheet for code smell
  • written EasyConfig.Net.Core - currently used by the NuKeeper project which I was involved with at the start and am still an occasional maintainer of